BIFF&BIL Application
Main Functions
Prompt in visitor information direct on screen
Visitor information filling system (Mobile & Website)
Easy to export data for advance purpose
Simple way to build a relationship with visitor
Save business resource such as name card
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Main Features
1 account can login for 5 devices concurrent
Badge scanner
Check visitor list by : Type of visitor, Date and time to visit, Visitor personal information.
Sync data to the system and website
Exhibitor account information
Daily report (graph)
Link to
Scan QR code from visitor’s badge
Show and record visitor’s badge information :
Name, Surname, Company, Country, Serial No.

Visitor List
No. (refer to the last visiting), Name, Surname, Record, Time
Can select the visitor list by show date

Check each visitor information (update within 12 hrs. after the end of the day)
Name-Surname, Company, Position,Country, Email, Telephone

Information and Report

Show exhibitor account information

Show graphic of daily visitor
All visitor
Local and Oversea visitor
Count by unique visitor