BIFF&BIL 2015 – Newsletter Vol.9 (Eng. version)

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Catching the Creative Spirit

ASEAN’s Consummate fashion and Leather fair.

Bangkok International Fashion Fair and Bangkok International Leather Fair 2015 (BIFF&BIL 2015) has ended in with a huge success thanks to the creative surge that has put the fair as the ASEAN’s centre of latest fashion and leather goods trends and innovations. Held between March 11-15, 2015 by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, the fair comes with a whole new concept “Catching the Creative Spirit” and underlines the creative strength of Thai SMEs entrepreneurs and designers while showcasing the potentials of Thai fashion industry which is capable of providing a complete range of goods and services from supply chains to distributions.


NEW ZONING: A Whole New Fair Experience

The key feature of BIFF&BIL 2015 is the new zoning that is based on buyers behaviour and consumption habits – allowing visitors to browse through the fair to find what they want with much more convenience. Divided into four zones: The Salon-Business Attire, The Street-Casual Fashion, The Heritage-Products with Thai identity and The Source-raw metrials and machinery for fashion production, this new zoning effectively caters to the needs of all visitors by minimizing the time spent looking for the products and services, while allowing them to focus each and every minute on striking the most worthwhile business deals. The new zoning has received great feedbacks from all visitors and exhibitors alike – most notably for The Source and The Street where exhibitors found their products catching a lot more interests from visitors.


A Powerful Textile and Fashion Collaboration Network with Japan

BIFF&BIL 2015 also marks the launch of a collaboration between the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to support and promote networking between textile and fashion manufacturers both Business-to- Business and Business-to-Consumer levels. The collaboration comes in the form of an e-commerce website where textile and fashion producers can acquire a new online point of sale as well as networking opportunities. The website was premiered during
the launch, which was held under the theme “Creative Crossing” marking a milestone in international collaboration that prompts both business opportunties and actual sale for Thailand and Japan textile and fashion entrepreneurs.


Promoting New Creative Forces for European market

BIFF&BIL 2015 offers an opportunity for young designers to embark on European market with the organizers of Who’s Next, a world renowned fashion exhibiton, to recruit new talents from The Designers’ Room program to participate in Who’s Next Exhibition. Nine selected brands will be participating in Who’s Next from September 4 – 7, 2015 in Paris, France.


Catching Up with Global Trends : New Ideas and Innovations

The first-ever Trend Forums that revolves around the Thai socio-cultural moveme nts, together with design development Workshop project, are two highlights that have caught an interest of visitors. Brands participating in the workshops have developed new, unique design technique such as Eleganza, which combines knitting, weaving and natural fiber into leather work. S.T. Sea Star Leather Co., Ltd, however, has successfully developed a heat treatment to bend stingray leather into decorative shapes such as roses. Piankusol Silk and Cotton Co., Ltd. has developed fabric coating from mulberry paper and banana leaves for making clothes and handbags. Other activities reflect both enthusiasm among Thai manufacturers and support from the government sector. ECO Fashion and “60+”, fashion for the Grand Generation, demonstrate the new global trend. Painkusol has successfully created clothes from ECO cotton, offering much more comfortable for the elderly. Another ground-breaking innovation is One-Stop-Supply Chain Integrated Business Matching which match buyers with a fully-integrated Fabric manufacturer and OEM that meet their requirements with 202 business matches during the fair.


Reaffirming the Position of ASEAN’s Ultimate Fashion Fair

The new look of BIFF&BIL 2015 has attracted huge interest from both exhibitors and visitors alike, with the number of exhibitors totaling 514 companies, occupying 833 exhibition booths, making an increase of 18.43% from last year. Among these, 183 companies are new exhibitors.
• International exhibitors from 15 countries accommodate a total of 71 exhibition booths from ASEAN and Asia such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Japan, China, India, Bangladesh, South Korea and European countries such as Spain, German and Italy.
• A total visitor is 29,458 which come from overseas 1,231 and local 28,227 which is an increase of 39.68% from last year. There are a lot of successful business deals with a spot sale value of 32 million baht and the expected sale volume in 1 year is 1,328 million baht.


Get ready to experience even bigger and more diverse range of fashion and leather fair with full-blown creativity at BIFF&BIL 2016, March 9-13, 2016 at Challenger Hall, Impact Muang Thong Thani.