The smart, the young, and the exciting at the upcoming Bangkok International Fashion Fair

Fans of made-in-Bangkok clothes, take note. The 33rd Bangkok International Fashion Fair and Bangkok International Leather Fair (Biff & Bil 2015) will be held at Challenger Halls 1-2 IMPACT, in Bangkok, Thailand on March 11-15, 2014. 2015_01_31_16_08_28

This year’s theme is “Catching the Creative Spirit.” The theme reflects the growing emphasis on creativity, flair, and quality design on textiles, fashion, and leather goods from Thailand and other countries across Asia.
The fair trade will focus on a smarter, younger, and more exciting looks to attract and expand its target market. A new zoning design will divide each fashion trend to help buyers access the products more easily and make decisions quickly.
It also aims to pave the way for new opportunities for operators to expand their businesses, exhibit their innovative and creative ideas, and for Thailand to display its readiness to enter in the Asean Economic Community in providing raw materials, technical development, production, design, and new approaches of presentation.

The Philippines, the countries of the Middle East, and Russia are potential target markets for leather products, as well as good sources of raw materials.

In the zone

The exhibition zones include The Salon, The Street, The Heritage and the Source.
The Salon will feature formal and business fashion and leather products.
The Street will be for casual wear, children’s wear, sportswear and outer wear, sports lingerie and underwear, fashion accessories for casual occasions, leisure and sports bags, casual leather products and footwear.
The Heritage is for the unique fashion and leather styles of each country such: as silk, textiles and ethnic products.
And finally, the Source is for those who love fibers and yarns, textiles, clothing accessories, fashion and leather machinery, raw leather materials and tanneries, leather components and accessories, and leather machinery.
There will be more activities and events that will allow entrepreneurs to upgrade their skills and knowledge on fashion and deepen their understanding of fashion trends and its prospects. — VC, GMA News
Source : GMA News Online